Entertainment aboard a Cruise Ship

The first thing people ask me when I tell them I`m going on a cruise is: “Don`t you get bored? You’re stuck on a boat at sea?”

And I`m happy to say: “NO!” There is SO much going on aboard a cruise ship. First of all, it`s not just a boat, the ships these days are huge! (Think Oasis of the Seas, this ship can carry more than 6000 passengers!) It doesn`t have to be that big, of course. But I would love to sail it once, just to experience the facilities on it 😉

The ships I`ve been on, carry about 3000 passengers. Apart from the shore excursions you can make at every port of call, what is there to do aboard a cruise ship?

If you`re into sports, there is a running track, a rock climbing wall, miniature golf, basketball,…
Rock Climbing Wall at Explorer of the Seas
There is a swimming pool, a sun deck, Jacuzzis and a Spa! During the day the entertainment staff organizes contests by the pool like `Belly Flop competition`, `Mr Sexy Legs competition`,… All very funny :)

You can play shuffle board, board games, see a movie (in your stateroom) or in the theatre.

The kids can do all these things I already mentioned and join the Kids clubs for different ages. These clubs organize several activities like preparing their own Circus Show.

Kids show at Explorer of the Seas
Definitely go see the Ice Show Yes, isn`t that amazing, you`re in the middle of an ocean watching an ice show!! (or if there`s not a show, you can ice skate yourself.)

Ice rink at Explorer of the Seas

Take dance lessons!

Dance lessons at Explorer of the Seas

Be on stage yourself and sing at the Karaoke evenings.

Karaoke at Explorer of the Seas

See a show! There is dance, comedy,… and “The Love & Marriage show” which usually is very funny! You definitely have to check out “The Quest”, it`s hilarious 😉

Show at Explorer of the Seas

Even de room stewards do their best to entertain you with a different towel animal each night!

There is the daily Cruise Compass to keep you informed of all the things that are happening aboard your cruise ship! Still think you`ll get bored on a cruise?

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