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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Zalando to ask if I was interested in testing their website and writing a product review. As I had been seeing their name pop up on TV lately as an online shoe shop I was curious about them. Also other than electronics or a book, I haven`t purchased any shoes or clothes online for the sole reason: size. How do you know they`ll fit? And also how does it look? So I thought this was the perfect time to get over this fear and try it.

I decided to browse their website and choose something I needed for my upcoming travels. To my surprise they offer a lot more than just shoes, there are sweaters, dresses, tops, … but also luggage, beauty products and even things for the house. After a lot of looking around, trust me, you need a bit of time to see what`s all there, I went for snow boots for an upcoming winter trip. I have UGG`s and love them, but they`re not waterproof. I choose a Canadian brand that I`d hear of on my recent trip to Toronto, called Sorel.

In the end I added a cute hat and gloves to make my look complete.

I ordered these and approximately 4 business days later they would arrive at my doorstep. Unfortunately that didn`t happen, instead I got an apologetic email telling me my delivery was delayed due to parts of my delivery not being there yet. They said they couldn`t ship my delivery in multiple packages and had to wait for the whole order to be in. Which I thought was a pity, couldn`t they at least send me part of it?

When I hadn`t heard anything for a day or 2 I thought it wouldn`t come anytime soon and then the third  day there was a box waiting at my doorstep. Yay! So exciting to open up the box and see the things you bought. Trying on the shoes and yes, they fit!

Travel gear: Sorel snow boots

The snow boots are warm, comfortable, waterproof (and they have been tested on two very rainy trips!) and even look fashionable as they are black. Okay, maybe not under a dress, but with my black jeans they look just fine. A tip when ordering, choose at least one size bigger than you would normally order, as they are snow boots and you want to wear a pair of thick socks in them. And the hat & gloves, well I just adore them.


I still prefer buying something in a shop where I can try my shoes or clothing and can take it home with me immediately. However if you`re busy either working or traveling, it`s the perfect fit for you, as you can leisurely browse their site and shop from your desk or couch! And they do offer free delivery & return, so if your size wasn`t the right one, you can easily return it. I didn`t need to test that, but a friend of mine did and said it wasn`t a problem.

I do have to admit, it was a big plus to see all the brands in one spot, easy to navigate the categories without having to search for an item which you have to do at some shops. And let us not forget the factor of the excitement of arriving of the package and unpacking…felt like Christmas or my birthday!

Have you ever ordered shoes or clothes online?

I was offered a voucher to buy an item for research purposes by Zalando.

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