Things I miss about Europe

Bruges, Belgium

I recently moved to Australia, which I talked about last week, and with every move abroad you can`t but notice the things you miss. I`ve only been here a few months now, but it`s funny how quickly you miss things or notice differences. It starts with the most common day to day stuff. When you […]

Masseria Il Frantoio, Italy

Masseria Il Frantoio

Tucked away between olive gardens and not far from the White City of Ostuni, you will find the charming hotel, Masseria Il Frantoio. Thirteen years ago Armando and his wife created a little piece of paradise by turning an old farmhouse into a place where you can get away from it all. I don`t know […]

Church at Gougane Barra, Ireland

Gougane Barra Church

For those of you who`ve had the privilege to visit Ireland, I don`t have to tell you that there are many picturesque spots in this country. For those of you who haven`t been there, I hope you`ll be able to find inspiration in my “10 places to visit in Ireland” article. I found the church […]

10 Places to Visit in Ireland

Ring of Kerry

I just finished a 12-day road trip through Ireland and I`m excited to share more of the beauty of this country. I picked a few of my favorites along the way, which wasn`t easy as the scenery in Ireland is beautiful throughout the whole country. This road trip took me through the counties of Sligo, […]

Driving around Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula

Green, sheep and stunning scenery, that`s Ireland in a nutshell. I`m on a road trip through Ireland and the image above was snapped while driving at Dingle Peninsula overlooking Blasket Islands in the distance. Ireland has some gorgeous scenery as you will see in my ”10 places to visit in Ireland” article. Have you been […]

Lecce in Italy

Streets of Lecce

Lecce is a historic city in southern Italy and often called the Florence of the south. During my visit to Brindisi I made a day trip to Lecce and I can understand the reasoning behind the nickname. I`ve seen both Florence and Lecce now and I have to admit that the nice thing about Lecce […]