Experiencing London

London view

When visiting London you can see the obvious sights: Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus,… And even though I did see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, I was glad to experience a different side of London. We walked towards the London Eye and saw the street performers in action.

London Eye
The place was buzzing from people looking around to have a look at the London Eye up close, wander around in the shops, but also take in the many street performers. There were dance acts, Charlie Chaplin was giving it his best, monkeys and statues… It reminded me a lot of ‘Las Ramblas’ in Barcelona.

(More info on What`s on? at www.southbanklondon.com)

London streetperformer
We passed a carousel or merry-go-round and I insisted to go on it. I know it`s for kids, but once and a while you have to be a kid again. And we laughed so hard, that it was definitely worth getting on.

London carousel


Next stop: Covent Garden

This was one of my favorite places while in London, the atmosphere that comes over you when walking around here is just amazing. There is a covered part with shops, a market, a square with performances. Tables are standing outside to have a meal or drink while listening to live music.

There was this one guy, called Luca, playing his guitar and singing. He was so talented that people stopped to listen to hear him sing. I could easily have stood there for an hour just to enjoy his music.

My advice when visiting London, wander around and be dazzled by what`s living in this city… enjoy the entertainment, the people and the vibrant atmosphere!

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