Pack Everything in Zip Lock Bags

by Dave and Deb
(Toronto, Canada)

Our packs for Africa

Our packs for Africa

We tend to travel with back packs more than in a nice and fancy suitcase, so organization can be a problem.
Packing all of our clothing and toiletries in zip lock, not only makes finding things easy, it keeps everything clean and dry.
As backpackers, our bags can travel on top of trucks, buses or on the deck of a boat in rough seas. Keeping everything dry can be a challenge, but when things are zipped up tight in a zip lock, our contents are clean and dry.
Zip Lock bags are light weight, air tight and clear. You can see everything that you need in a quick glance and you won’t make a mess when you are trying to find something. Just pull out each individual bag and put it bag in with ease.

OMG Yes!
by: Liv

Long live the ziplock!
(Any plastic bag will do if pushed, but nothing beats the ziplock!

I am with you…
by: Anonymous

I started using ziplog bags during my first 3months trip around Australia 6 years ago. I was backpacking, travelling from one place to the other every 2-3 days and carrying a light backpack (10kg), so it was very practical to have my clean clothes separated from the washing!! Indeed a great help! Everywhere I travel to, even for short trips, I always pack everything in ziplog bags!!

ziplock bags
by: Shelly

Ziplock bags are fantastic, we just did a motor bike trip threw Belize/Guatemala and used ziplock for everything including clothes and what a space saver it was.

Totally agree
by: Isabelle

Hi Deb & Dave, I totally agree on the Zip Lock bags. I take a few of those with me too to pack up toiletries and other smaller items. I didn’t think of even packing my clothes in there. But you have a very good point, when taking a backpack, keeps it clean, dry and organized! Thanks for sharing :)

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