Port of Nassau, Bahamas

port of nassau

You can take a taxi to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, (Taxis will be waiting outside the cruise terminal), which will cost about 4 $/person* if you`re with a group of four. It`s about a 10 minutes’ drive.

There is a lot to see at Atlantis Resort: a water park with subtropical swimming pools and water slides and a big aquarium where you can walk under. When you enter the lobby you can already see a bit of the aquarium with many colorful fish swimmingbetween old ornaments. You can do a guided tour of the resort, aquariums, and grounds. It costs 35 $*. If you`re interested in doing all of the above it`s worth the money. But if you only want to see the aquarium, this is a little bit pricy. If you want to visit the water park, that`s an option too, but that`s more expensive.

Atlantis Resort Lobby

On the way back from the Atlantis Resort you can make a stop at the center of Nassau (= Bay Street). You can browse in the shops or walk to Fort Fincastl, which is a 10 minutes` walk. The main highlight at the fort is the nice view over Nassau. (Entrance is free)

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The information was contributed by Frederik Claessens. Photos courtesy of Jimmy Mangelschots.

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*: The prices were accurate at the time of publishing. Prices may change.

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