What if the Hilton offered you a Wish List?

Who doesn`t like making up wish lists of what to do or buy next? It`s a bit like fantasizing when you win the lottery what you would do with that money, I would buy a beach house, travel the world and … okay, getting carried away here. Hilton HHonors is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and will be rewarding members throughout the next month with the 25 Days of Winning sweepstakes. When Hilton HHonors asked me to put together a wish list with items you can purchase through points, I didn`t say no. So without further ado, here are the items I would pick:

As I`m a lover of photography, I would get a new camera.

Hilton HHonors Points for Wish list: Nikon D5100

I would get a luggage set. I have a fetish about bags, but I don`t always seem to have the right bag for the right trip. But with this set I would have a suitable bag for every occasion.

Hilton HHonors Points for Wish List: Samsonite Luggage Set

I was doubting between a Kindle Fire and an iPad, but hey this is a wish list, so I`m putting both on there. The Kindle for reading and the iPad for watching movies when I`m traveling on a plane or to share my travels on social media.

Hilton HHonors Points for Wish List: iPad

A wish list wouldn`t be a true wish list if I didn`t splurge. Of course I need a unique travel experience on my list and what better than a Fashion Week experience in New York City. New York is my favorite city and when I went to Fashion Week in Toronto I got hooked, so this is the perfect combination.

Hilton HHonors Points for Wish List: Fashion Week in NYC

This spectacular package includes two nights double-occupancy accommodations at a four-star hotel in New York City, tickets to an “A Level” fashion show part of New York Fashion Week, access to an “A Level” Fashion Week designer after-party as part of New York Fashion Week, private round-trip airport transportation, private round-trip transportation to/from Fashion Week, daily breakfast at the hotel and a welcome gift package.

I like that you can donate for good causes, like the Make a Wish Foundation or you can buy a Holiday gift for a child.

I`m curious, what would be your wish list item from the Hilton HHonors shop?

Let me know what your favorite item is in the comments below and you`ll be automatically in the running for a gift voucher at the Hilton. The gift voucher is valid for one night at any of the 3,800 properties within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio (est. value $250)



This contest is closed. The winner has been chosen and notified by email. Thank you to all that entered!


FTC Disclosure Statement

Hilton HHonors invited me to be a part of an HHonors Blogger Panel supporting the 25 Days of Winning sweepstakes, and I was compensated for my participation. All opinions and comments within my posts about the sweepstakes are my own. For all your questions on how you can earn points, become a member etc, check their FAQ page.

Photo Credit: Images come from Hilton HHonors website.


  1. Katie Lahani says

    Ooh should be sensible and go for a camera… but would clearly go for the chance to make my own mud mask at the geothermal spa from the Hilton in Iceland! The perfect antidote to grey days this Autumn!

  2. says

    I would choose the Olympus EPL3 PEN camera! That’s actually a really fabulous carry-around and it would be nice to supplement my iPhone photographs with that once in a while!! Great contest, Isa.

  3. says

    I would choose one of the gift cards for the Disney theme parks. My daughter is not-so-subtly hinting that she wants to go pretty badly for our next family vacation.

  4. says

    Oh, the Fashion Week Experience in NYC, hands down!! It would be like stepping into the life of Sex And The City for a weekend – every gals dream…..right!!?? Or just yours and mine, Isabelle! Ha!

  5. says

    I did not know that they have a Hilton Honors store and I stay with Hilton all the time!

    Would love to get the Pentax underwater camera as I’m trying to book flights to Hawaii which means diving!! Would love to have something to take with me to record all of my memories both there and when travelling around Asia and Australia! :)

  6. Susan says

    As much as I love tons of stuff in the Hilton store, I’d have to pick something for one of my boys. My oldest has outgrown his tricycle, his balance bike, and his scooter in just a couple of months. He really needs a bike! So top of my wishlist would be the Mongoose bike for him. I don’t need anything!

  7. Stephanie Ford-Smith says

    I like the luggage set – everyone needs a good luggage set, especially if they travel! but all of them are great!

  8. Karen says

    I would choose the Bose noise cancelling headphones! I can’t bring myself to pay all that money for them, but oh, I want them!

  9. says

    I would definately take my wife to Brazil for the World Cup, we love traveling and we love soccer. Brazil would be amazing to experience, especially during the World Cup.

  10. BELLE MAIO says

    If I won I would like an iPad or a trip to Disney for 1 week (gift cards). I would give them to the Make A Wish Foundation or someone less fortunate.

  11. says

    A gasoline pressure washer! I don’t even know what that is but it takes up a lot of points so it must be good, right?! No, I’d go to New York with you. You can head to the Fashion thing while I do something geeky like check out the museums and then we can both go and party afterwards!!

  12. Linda says

    Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires for Two. It’s the only way i will ever get my husband to tango. And I can bring along my iPad to record and tweet the experience. It already has the Kindle app. :)

  13. says

    Sweet! Well, let’s dream away: I would like a new macbook since mine is getting old and the travel blogging shall continue! Also an ipad is my latest desire in order to move lighter and better, all along with a RTW ticket or miles enough to get me a couple of trips on the planning tray! (Guess this last one is not on the list but won’t harm anyone if mentioning!)

  14. Kerri Zupp says

    The luggage set – to motivate me to save money and travel more b/c travelling makes my heart and head happy!

  15. Jonatan Excursions says

    This sounds very fun. I would go straight away for the camera, I’ve been using a friend’s and I love taking pictures of Mexican Caribbean. This camera will be my best friend for my next trip all over Mexico in January. I will share the pictures with all of you 😀 😀

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