Greenway House

Greenway is an estate on the River Dart near Galmpton in Devon at the English Riviera. It was also the private holiday home of Agatha Christie and her family. The house was featured, under various guises, in several of Christie’s novels. It was occupied by them until Agatha and her husband passed away. After that Christie’s daughter Rosalind lived there, until it was acquired by the National Trust in 1999.

The house and garden are open to the public, as is the Barn Gallery. The large riverside gardens contain plants from the southern hemisphere, whilst the Barn Gallery shows work by contemporary local artists.

Greenway House, holiday home of Agatha ChristieGreenway House

Greenway GardensGreenway Gardens

Peach House GreenwayThe Greenhouse

Flowers at GreenwayFlowers at Greenway

Boathouse at GreenwayThe Boathouse

Greenway at the waterThe Dart Estuary downstream from Greenway

Walking around the Greenway House with someone playing the piano, definitely makes you feel the vibe that must have been here while Agatha was writing. How can you not be inspired with such a beautiful view and the peacefulness that surrounds you while you walk around in the gardens.

Standard price to see the whole property is £8.75 for an adult. Check their website for opening times and more info.

How to get there?

We took the ferry from Torquay, changed boats at Dartmouth and then you just walked up to Greenway. For our return journey to Torquay, we took the vintage bus.

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*Price accurate at time of publishing

I was invited by English Riviera Tourism and Visit England as a guest, but all opinions in this article are my own.


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