Kasa Beach, Tanzania

by Vikram M
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Kasa Beach Hideaway

Kasa Beach Hideaway

Secluded, away from the city, totally unspoiled, clear warm blue water with a 2km beach stretch – Paradise!

Peace and Quiet
by: Ragnhild and Christian

Spent some 8 days at Kasa Beach in January 2010. If you ever want to enjoy an unspoilt beach with the occasional visit from a local fisherman – this is the place! Very basic accomodation in stone huts – no air condition but mosquito nets – and a nice restaurant. Both looking over the sea. Friendly mangagement and good food. Basic impression – peace and quiet!!

Top Notch!
by: Daniel

Kasa Beach is top notch! Don’t bother going to Zanzibar, go to Kasa Beach instead!!

by: Dave and Deb

Ooh, that looks beautiful! I was in Tanzania for a month and never saw a beach like that except for one Zanzibar. I must go back me thinks:)

Dar es salaam
by: Isabelle

Vikram helped me out here :) The closest city is Dar es salaam. More info.

Kasa Beach
by: George

Well kept secret! What city is close to Kasa Beach?

by: Anonymous

Now that`s what I call a white sandy beach 😉

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