More Beach Photos from BeachThursday

Gosh… time does fly and #BeachThursday has come around again. If you haven`t heard of #BeachThursday on Twitter, you can read more information here.

Basically it`s everyone who loves the beach that joins in the fun by sharing photos from their favorite beaches around the world. Either through photos or articles. Lots of people already join in the fun! If you`ve missed it, no worries, I follow up on #BeachThursday with a recap by featuring my favorites photos or articles.

I thought this first one was very cool!

@Travelettes – online magazine written by girls on the road for those who love traveling

Let’s make a reservation at The Rock Restaurant! #Tanzania #BeachThursday #travel

Rock Restaurant

Photo credit: reallifeiselsewhere
You can read the accompanying article here.

@ReineOG – love the internet & the crazy things you can find on it – but also love music & travel!

@IsabellesTravel I’d love to be on any one of these beaches right now… wouldn’t even think of food #BeachThursday

And I would have to agree with her! :)


Photo Credit
To see more beach photos of the Maldives.

@beatthebrochure – cheapest flights, hotels & holidays to destinations worldwide

My favourite #BeachThursday photo so far :) Diving w/ turtles in Egypt

Turtles in Egypt

@CeliaPedroso – Journalist, travel writer with a passion for food and ginjinha.

A paradise desert beach on the Isle of Lewis #BeachThursday

Isle of Lewis

@MyDIreland – Your comprehensive guide to everything Ireland

Beautiful Connemara beach, #Ireland. Happy #beachthursday

Connemara beach, Ireland

@StefanoPedroni – Travelling, photography and scubadiving are my 3 great passions

Dinghy in paradise… Xpu-Ha Beach #Mexico #BeachThursday #togs #Photography

Xpu-Ha Beach, Mexico

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