Cape Leeuwin, WA

Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia

When visiting Western Australia, you can drive up to the north, or visit the south-west. We drove to the most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continent, being Cape Leeuwin (about 317 km from Perth). Not only can you admire the place where two oceans meet, the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean, you can […]

Bruges, Belgium

Things I miss about Europe

I recently moved to Australia, which I talked about last week, and with every move abroad you can`t but notice the things you miss. I`ve only been here a few months … [Read More...]


To Move Or Not To Move

I`ve been a bit absent in the last few months and there`s a reason for it. With this post I`ll try to explain what I mean with that. I usually give advice in my … [Read More...]


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