Top 5 Cities in the World

My personal Top 5 Cities in the World


This is my favorite city because it’s so amazing! I think a lot of people can relate to this choice, because this city has something to offer for everyone. If you like seeing culture, there are some of the most famous museums in this city. If you like an active vacation, you can rent a bike and go through Central Park. If you like shopping, well one word no actually two: Fifth Avenue (and don’t forget all those other stores throughout the city!). And so much sightseeing, check out my New York Travel Guide to find out more on this GREAT city!

2. SALZBURG, Austria.

Okay, this is something totally different than the big city that is on number 1. This is a lot smaller with a cozy old city center. I just love strolling through this city, walking in the Mirabell Garten, enjoying a nice piece of chocolate pastry at Demel, mmhh…

3. LISBON, Portugal.

Beautiful Lisbon, this city offers next to a center filled with museums, city sights,… also nice day trips, such as Cascais, Estoril and Sintra.

4. MADRID, Spain.

I just love those little streets, city squares (plazas), fountains, … and the beautiful Parque del Retiro! That together with the sun and you have yourself a great city!

5. QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand.

This is one of the most exhilarating cities I’ve been to. Probably because of all the activities you can do here: skydiving, bungy jumping, white water rafting and jetboating, nothing is too crazy and you’ll find it here! And don’t forget the stunning views over Lake Wakatipu.

What`s your favorite city and why?

London  Because it’s just so pretty and diversified. Large parks, pubs, currys, architecture, it just has everything you need. And the weather isnt so bad after …

Cologne, Germany  Cologne is a superb city! From walking in green parks and a great night life, to high-end culture, ancient architecture and free expositions. Tasting delicious …

Vienna, Austria  Romantic, fascinating… great for shopping, walking, history.

Casa Battlo by Gaudi, Barcelona
As exciting as New York and London are, I honestly find them too big and busy. I prefer smaller sized cities, especially …

Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House
High energy, good vibe, gorgeous harborside location, great sites, delicious eats. Botanical gardens, museums, water taxis to …

Big Ben, London
London is like NYC, but ten times bigger and better! And it doesn’t smell bad, like NYC does :)
There is a wonderful balance of …

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